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Buy New Homes

We provide service on choosing the right property. Helping you to survey available property base on your preference. Contact us now.

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Loan Checking

Loan service provided by Expert Banker. Helping you to get loan approval and the lowest interest. Contact us now.

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Sell Your Homes

We provide value checking service on your property. Helping you to sell off the property in short period of time. Contact us now.

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Electrical Inspections

With over 20 years as an electrician, Kyle goes much deeper into the electrical system of a home than most folks.

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Propane Inspections

 Propane tanks have a multitude of connections including valves, gauges and other appurtenances that need inspecting.

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Dock Inspections

Anchorage, Walkway, Handrails, Deck, Metal Finish, Flotation, Electrical disconnects, Devices, Grounding & Bonding.

Honest Reviews

Kyle’s knowledge of residential & commercial homes has been a huge advantage to me as a realtor.

Simone G – Realtor

I enjoyed working with Kyle and have come to know him as a valuable asset to me

Jeff H – Homeowner